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Happy Monday, everyone!

I checked my calendar last night for the week and we have 3 baseball games (Carson & Cutter), 1 basketball game (Conner), a school event for Cutter, and a National Honor Society Induction ceremony for Conner. May is always busy and I have a feeling we are going to blink and it’ll be June!

Sharing a little of our weekend with you today!


We started our weekend with Cutter’s baseball game Friday night. He had the 6:00pm game but due to two different lightening delays, we didn’t end the game until 8:30pm. We were tired, eaten up by mosquitos, and everyone was starving by the time we got home. Ha! They did get the win, though!




Cutter was playing in a soccer tournament on Saturday. We were at the fields ready to play our first game at 11:30am.



His team played at 11:30am, 12:30am, 1:30pm, 5:00pm, and 6:30pm.


This is Cutter after his last game! He was hot, tired, and ready for dinner and a shower! Ha!
His team went 3-2 in the tournament and lost in the semi-finals round. We were so proud of all our boys. They played teams from all over Texas and were able to get in some good competition!

We went home and ate a quick dinner, cleaned up, and everyone turned in for an early night. We were exhausted after a long day!


Sunday morning was Children Led Worship at our church. We were at church early so Cutter could get ready and have a quick choir rehearsal. Our Children’s Choir and Children’s department led service in the 9:00am and 10:30am services. They did such a GREAT job!


Cutter was asked to help with the offering. Cutter is our more quiet, anxious kiddo so this was the perfect job for him! However, let me know tell you, he woke up Sunday morning sick to his stomach. Bless. His. Heart. He DID NOT want to go because he was so nervous. But he did it and he did AWESOME! So proud of you, Cutter, for pushing through and serving!

We grabbed a quick lunch and then headed back to the soccer fields. We usually don’t play on Sundays but we had been rained out two weeks during the season and had a make-up game scheduled for 3:00pm.



This kid LOVES to run so soccer is one of his favorite sports!



A 3-0 WIN and The Legends took 1st place for the season!


So incredibly proud of all their hard work and determination. This is such a great group of boys! And we all love Coach Jay!


Cutter with his Daddy. Love these two boys so much!

It may appear that we only have one child by this post with this weekend being all about Cutter. However, Conner spent his weekend studying for and taking the SAT and Carson worked all weekend on finishing up building his robot. I’ll share pics and more about his robot on Friday! ????

Well, that was our weekend.
Hope you guys have a great week!



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