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My favorite reading spot for the summer!

Grab your cup of coffee, get cozy, open up your Amazon app, and get ready to start adding books to your cart!

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I read only one book in May with all the crazy end of school activities, baseball, soccer etc. but gosh, it was a good one! I was so excited to read The Mother-in Law by Sally Hepworth after several friends recommended it. I have only read one other book by Sally but really enjoyed The Secrets of Midwives and so I have added more of her books to my “to read” list!

The book begins with a family finding out their mother/mother-in-law has died. The chapters are written from different characters’ points of view, including the deceased mother-in-law, flipping back and forth from past to present day. There are lots of twists and turns and I couldn’t wait to find out what happened next. I also found myself really enjoying reading the events from the mother-in-law’s perspective. It gives such insight to how we can see an event/conversation one way and someone else completely differently! I really loved this book! It covers lots of topics from money, family dynamics, marriage, death, and more. It’ll keep your attention until the end. Add this one to your cart now!

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Ladies, if you love to laugh, then this book is for you! A friend recommended this one to me and when I finished, I told her a big THANK YOU! Big Sexy Love by Kirsty Greenwood reminded me so much of reading a Sophie Kinsella book. You will laugh OUT LOUD! It is witty, funny, and you’ll fall in love with the characters!

Olive Brewster is content with her simple life. She still lives in her childhood home and works at the local market. Her life is drama free with no problems…until her best friend, Birdie, is told she is dying. Birdie has one final wish that Olive go to New York and find her first love, Chuck, and give him a letter she has written. The story follows Olive and her crazy adventures in NY tracking down Chuck, meeting new people, and trying to maneuver her way around in the big city. This book is hysterical, heart-warming, and it’ll have you laughing and crying all at once! A great feel good beach read this summer! And if you haven’t read Sophie Kinsella before, she writes the Shopaholic series! Start HERE with book one in the series!


Next, I read Girl, Stop Apologizing by Rachel Hollis and honestly, I get so much out of her books! However, if you are not motivated by others (which is totally ok!) and that’s not your thing, then skip this one. ????

Last year, I read Girl, Wash Your Face and loved it so I was excited to start GSA! She is raw. She is real. She is inspiring. She is motivating. I think Rachel is an amazing businesswoman, she is very open and honest, and I think she really does care about changing lives for the better. She is a busy working momma of four kids and juggles it all. She’s also honest about what mistakes she has made along the way and wants to share it with others so you learn from her. She wants everyone to live their best life! I admire her focus and intentionality and find her very motivating. I also love listening to her podcasts, Rise and Rise Together. If you need some encouragement and motivation whether you are a stay-at-home mom or work outside the home, grab a copy!


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If you know me, you know I LOVE to laugh! In fact, just this week I was telling Mark that I really wish there was a meme or video clip or something that when I feel down or in a funky mood, I could watch/look at it to make me laugh. It’s kinda like how some people play music to pump them up. I want something that makes me laugh EVERY.SINGLE. TIME. So, if you have THE meme or video clip or photo or whatever that does that, please share! Ha!

All that to say, I decided to read another book by Kirsty Greenwood, Yours Truly for that laugh out loud I needed. And friends, she delivered again. From the first sentence, you will be hooked. Natalie Butterworth has an easy going personality who avoids conflict at all cost. She is a people pleaser to the max. So when she finds herself engaged and her mother and sister are taking over the wedding planning, she never says a word about what she is really thinking. However, after seeing a hypnotist at the local pub one night, she finds herself speaking all of her innermost private thoughts. Her life becomes a mess after she offends her fiance with her true feelings. Natalie sets off to find the hypnotist in order to set things right but instead finds herself stranded in a small village with her sister and her best friend, Meg. Big secrets are revealed among the nosy town folk and Natalie has to confront her own truths about her life that she’s been avoiding. You will straight out belly laugh at this one! I finished this book in 2 days and still find myself giggling when I think about it! A perfect book for summer!


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What are you reading and loving this summer?
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